Урок 9. Упражнения.


1. Вместо точек вставьте по или not и переведите предложения устно:

This matter ... pitch. We have ... water. This water is ... warm. There is ... ice. We do ... live in Moscow. Do ... take this vessel. I do ... like jelly. Have you a pen? ..., I have .... There are ... docks on this river. The leaves of this tree are ... green.

2. Перепишите предложения, сделав их отрицательными переведите их устно:

Не works in Moscow. Answer this question! This matter is gas. These automobiles move. The speed of this locomotive is great. The child eats jelly. Ann likes this red dress. The boys answer our question. The question is easy. There is a large vessel on the table.

3. Вставьте вместо точек подходящее по смыслу слово и переведите предложения. Слово подбирайте их следующих:

always, free, great, ice, move, own, question, show, speed, thin

Keep the jelly on .... They have very little ... time. A.S.Pushkin is a ... writer. What is the ... of this ship? ... me your room. My ... room is small. They ... too slowly. The girl is too .... They... work here. You must study this...

4. Среди слов урока вы встречаете прилагательные:

definite, easy, free, great, real, slow, solid, thick, thin

Определите значение наречий:

definitely, easily, freely, greatly, really, slowly, solidly, thickly, thinly (Вспомните суффикс -ly, урок 7.)

5. Следующие слова распределите на 7 пар антонимов (противоположных по значению слов):

thick, great, always, liquid, all, never, thin, small, nothing, solid, question definite, answer, indefinite

6. Дайте устно краткие ответы на вопросы:

Do you in Moscow? Do you work? Are you a worker? Have you many friends? Have you a good room? Are there many new houses in the place where you live? Do you live in a new house? Are you old? Are you young? Do you study well? Is there a lamp on your table? Is there a river near your house?

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