Урок 23. Упражнения.


1. Составьте таблицу сложных форм причастия от стандартного глагола to compare сравнивать и нестандартного глагола to bring приносить. За образец возьмите таблицу в начале урока.

2. В следующих предложениях подчеркните герундий одной чертой, а причастия двумя. Определите форму причастий, пользуясь таблицей, данной в начале урока, и переведите предложения:

1. Joining a group of friends, we went to the Black Sea. 2. His family growing, William had to earn more money. 3. Having come to the capital he found a job at a printer's shop. 4. Having been educated at a free Grammar School, Shakespeare knew Latin. 5. Being fond of the theatre, I often go to see new plays. 6. Knowing almost nothing about the first six years Shakespeare spent in London, we are certain that his job was connected with the stage. 7. He tried his hand by writing bits for old plays. 8. Having no friends in the town, he often was in difficulties. 9. He did not like going to a lawyer's office. 10. It was a time of growing interest in the drama. 11. His first printed work was a long poem. 12 The dedication being signed, we know who the author of the poem was. 13. His life's work done, he returned to his native town. 14. Shakespeare's body lies buried at Statford.

3. Распределите слова на 13 пар антонимов:

buy, life, late, to be born, sell, open, death, early, to die, bad, single, young far, good, dislike, near, low, bless, old, be fond (of), strange, high, ordinary, curse, close, married

4. Распределите слова на 8 пар синонимов:

the capital, print, single, love, one, under, entirely, the main city, publish, be fond (of), educate, town, thoroughly, teach, city, below

5. Перепишите предложения, выбрав из стоящих в скобках слов одно, нужное по смыслу, и переведите предложения:

I went into a (shop, magazine) to buy a dress. He (thought, though) you were at home. He came (though, through) I had told him I should not be at home. The ship went into the dock (through, thoroughly) a gate. The sky is (above, alone) us. You cannot do it (alone, along).

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