Урок 3. Текст.


Прочтите и переведите текст с помощью словаря. Выучите все слова.

We see a map. We study the map. We study geography. We see a large N at the top. It means North. We see a large S at the bottom. It means South. We see a large E on the right. It means East. The large W on the left means West.

Find the South Pole on the map. Find the North Pole. Find the left side. Find the right side. Find the top and the bottom. Let your friend find the Black Sea. He finds it on his map. Open your book and let all our friends see that map. They see it well. Take your notebooks and make notes! We all take our notebooks and write. Take a pencil, Ann! She takes a black pencil and writes a large N. It means North. We see Ann. We see her. We know Peter. We know him. We know Ann and Peter. We see them. Ann takes a box and puts the pencil in the box. Peter puts the box in his bag.

Give me your pencil. Give me your black pencil. Peter puts these pencils in the box. He puts that box on the table. We put those boxes on the table. We take them. Peter gives me his book.

Open your books, Ann. And Peter! We open our books. We read the text. Ann reads the text. She reads it well because she knows the words. I read my notes. Read this word. We read these words. We know them. We know all these words. Write a word! Peter writes it. Let me take your notebooks.

Make a plan. We make our plans. We take these plans and study them. We study them well. We read and make notes.

We see the map well. We see the black Sea at the bottom. We see the White Sea at the top. We see the North at the top, the South at the bottom, the East on the right and the West on the left. We study geography. We know it. We study mathematics. Our friends study well. These men and women study geology. They all study mathematics. Our friends know geography and mathematics. They know them because they study well.

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