Урок 16. Доп. материал.

Дополнительный материал для устной речи


What's the weather like today? Какая сегодня погода?
It is a fine day. [fain] День прекрасный.
It is raining, ['reiniŋ] Дождь идет.
It is snowing, ['snouiŋ] Снег идет.
The weather is stormy. ['stɔ:mi] Погода штормовая (дождь и ветер)
It is cold (warm, hot, cool). Сегодня холодно (тепло, жарко, прохладно).
The weather is improving. [im'prɔ:viŋ] Погода улучшается.
What is the temperature ['tempriʧə] of the air (of the water)? Какая температура воздуха (воды) ?
20 degrees above zero. [di'gri:z] 20 градусов выше нуля.
10 degrees below zero. 10 градусов ниже нуля.
Do you mean Centigrade ['sentigreid] or Fahrenheit? ['færənhait] Вы имеете в виду по Цельсию или Фаренгейту?
I mean Centigrade. Я имею в виду градуса по Цельсию.
Shall we go out? Гулять пойдем?
Yes, let's put on our winter coats and have a walk in the park. Да, наденем зимнее пальто и прогуляемся по парку.

Запомните безличные глаголы to rain и to snow. It rains, it is raining дождь идет; it often snows in winter зимой часто идет снег.


Artificial (искусственный) sapphires (1) produced at a chemicals factory in Nizny Novgorod rival the natural stones. They are almost as beautiful and much bigger in size. They are in the man-made collection include a bluish-green aquamarine (2) and alexandrite (3), which appears green in the day time and change colour in artificial light to red.

Output of Russian synthetic sapphires is increasing.


(1) sapphire ['sæfaiə] сапфир

(2) aquamarine [,ækwəmə'ri:n] аквамарин

(3) alexandrite [,ælig'zændrait] александрит


Strike while the iron is hot. Куй железо пока горячо.
Make hay (сено) while the sun shines.
The morning sun never lasts а day. Утреннее солнце весь день светить не будет.
Cut the coat according to the cloth Крои куртку по сукну. (По одежде протягивай ножки).


Culture is to know the best that has been said and thought in the world.
Matthew Arnold (England, 1822-1888)

Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles (кудахчет) as if she laid an asteroid.
Mark Twain (USA, 1835-1910)

Better three hours too soon than minute too late.
William Shakespeare (England, 1564-1616)


ENGLISH BOY: Father, in the school today I learned how to say "thank you" and "please" in French.

FATHER: Good! That's more than you ever learned to say in English.

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