Урок 15. Доп. материал.

Дополнительный материал для устной речи


Please tell me the way to Red Square. Пожалуйста, скажите мне, как пройти на Красную площадь?
Can you show me the way to Westminster Abbey, please? [ˈæbɪ] He можете ли вы показать мне дорогу к Вестминстерскому аббатству?
Yes, it is just on the other side of the river. Да, оно прямо на другой стороне реки.
It is on your left. Оно налево от вас.
Thank you very much. Большое спасибо.
You must turn to the right. Вам нужно повернуть направо.
Can you tell me the name of this street? [stri:t] He можете ли вы сказать мне, как называется эта улица?
How can I get to the nearest Underground station (busstop)? ['bʌs 'stɔp] Как мне попасть на ближайшую станцию метро (остановку автобуса)?
What bus (street-car) ['stri:t 'ka:] must I take? На каком автобусе (трамвае) мне нужно ехать?
Where can I find a taxi? ['tæksi] Где я могу найти такси?
I am sorry, I don't know. ['sɔri] Извините, я не знаю.
You can ask the militiaman (the policeman). Вы можете спросить милиционера (полисмена).


Russian Polar explorers have established that there is a of volcanoes at the bottom of the deep-water area of the Arctic Ocean. This was learned from stu-dies of undersea rocks.

This chain begins in the Atlantic Ocean, crosses Iceland (Исландия) and can be traced far to the north, along the center line of the Atlantic-Arctic deep-water area of the Arctic Ocean.

The chain of undersea volcanoes separates the Norwegian Sea from the Sea of Greenland, just as the central underwater Atlantic chain cuts the ocean to the south of Iceland in two.

The presence of the Arctic chain of volcanoes was forecast (предсказано) on the basis (база, основа) of geophysical data.

In the opinion of scientists, the volcanoes are now sleeping in the Arctic, but they may become active at any time.

The volcano chain in the Arctic Ocean has been set down for the first time almost completely on the charts prepared at the institute.

The Woodcutter (Лесоруб)

A woodcutter was grinding (точить) his axe (топор) when a neighbor came along and said, "Why do you grind your axe now? You can't go to the wood and cut trees in this storm".

"When the weather is fine I shall not be grinding my axe, I shall be using it", answered the woodcutter.


There is no smoke without fire. Нет дыма без огня.
(Russian, English)  
All clouds are not rain clouds. He все облака - дождевые тучи.
Не that loves noise must buy a pig. Любитель шума пусть купить свинью.
Years teach more than books. Годы учат больше, чем книги.


Paintings and fighting are best seen (1) at a distance.
Benjamin Franklin (USA, 1706-1790)

Very late in life (2), when he was studying geometry, someone said to Lacydes (3), "Is it then a time for you to be learning now?" If it is not", he replied, "when will it be?"
Diogenes Laertius (Rome, A.D. 200)

Experience is the name everyone gives to bis mistakes.
Oscar Wilde (England, 1856-1900)


(1) are best seen - лучше всего рассматривать

(2) very late in life - в глубокой старости

(3) Lacydes of Cyrene - Лакид Киренский, греческий философ, 3 век до н.э.

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