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MEALS (continued)

What shall we drink? Что мы будем пить?
I'll have some tomato juice [tə'ma:tou ʤu:s] Я буду пить томатный сок.
orange ['ɔrinʤ] juice апельсиновый сок
mineral water ['minərəl 'wɔ:tə] минеральную воду
white (red) wine [wain] белое (красное) вино
beer [biə] пиво
a cocktail ['kɔkteil] коктейль
Do you like dry or sweet wines? [drai, swi:t] Вам нравятся сухие или сладкие вина?
I prefer soft drinks. Я предпочитаю безалкогольные напитки.
May I have a glass of water, please? [gla:s] Могу я получить стакан воды?
May I offer you some cake? [keik] Можно вам предложит кекс?
Yes, please. Да, пожалуйста.
No, thank you. Нет, спасибо.
I need a knife, two knives [naif], [naivz] Мне нужен нож, два ножа
a fork [fɔ:k] вилка
a spoon [spu:n] ложка
a glass [gla:s] стакан, рюмка
а cup [kʌp] чашка
a clean plate [kli:n], [pleit] чистая тарелка
Waiter, give me the bill, please. ['weitə], [bil] Официант, дайте мне, пожалуйста, счет.



Many Russian schools teach some subjects (предметы) in foreign langua-ges. These schools opened not only in such big cities as Moscow and St. Peters-burg but also in smaller towns.

Geography, history, European literature are some of the subjects which the boys and girls study in these schools in English, French or German.

These schools have twice as many (вдвое больше) hours for the study of languages other schools.


Pony Express (1)

In 1870 there were no railways west of the Missouri River, North America. Very few people lived there. Mountains, deserts and great canyons (каньон, ущелье) made the country almost impassable (непроходимый). Many wild animals made it their home. How could people who lived there send letters to other parts of the country? The Pony Express made it possible. This was a post service the agents of which went on horseback in relays (2). The agents were brave men, cool in moments of danger. They rode at full speed, regardless of (невзирая на) cold or heat or danger. When a tired man on his tired horse rea-ched the station, he gave his mail-packet (почтовый мешок) to the next agent, and fresh man on his fresh horse went on without a moment's delay (задержка).


(1) Pony Express - "экспресс на лошадках". Значение этого названия вы узнаете из рассказа.

(2) went on horseback in relays - ехали верхом на лошадях посменно Сравните on horseback верхом с horse лошадь и back спина. Relay в технических текстах значит реле.


A good beginning is half the battle. Cp: Хорошее начало - полдела откачало
You cannot eat your cake and have it. Нельзя преследовать одновременно две взаимоисключающие цели (Ср.: И волки сыты, и овцы целы).


Men are what their mothers made them.
R.W. Emerson (USA, 1803-1882)

Language is not an abstract construction of the learned, or of dictionary-makers, but is something arising out of the work, needs, ties, joys, tastes of long generations () of humanity, and has its bases broad and low, close to the ground.
Walt Whitman (USA, 1810-1892)

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