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One month after the launching of the first man-made satellite, Russian scientists, engineers and technicians launched the second babymoon into space.

The second sputnik was not quite the same as the first satellite. Its design was different and its size and weight were far greater. It differs from it as a man differs from a baby. The first sputnik weighed about 84 kilograms, while Sputnik № 2 (1) carried instruments. equipment and the dog, which together weighed 508.3 kilograms. The first sputnik rose to a height of 900 kilometers, while the second rose to 1,700 km, that is, almost twice as high as the first satellite. The firs sputnik was much lower, it was closer to the earth. Thus both the weight and the height of the second sputnik increased.

The first baby-moon had only the most necessary equipment, the second carried a number of instruments, from instruments for research in solar radiation to measuring devices which transmit scientific data to the earth.

The dog passenger was considered to be the most important fact about the second man-made moon. It also carried food and instruments that operated automatically and showed how a living organism functioned in cosmic space.

It is a fact that test flights of dogs in rockets to heights of 100 or 200 km have been carried out many times in this country. The dogs made the flights safely. However, flight in an ordinary rocket is not quite the same as flight in an earth satellite. The dogs who had been sent up in rockets spent only a short time at a great height and still shorter time in a state of weightlessness. In the present experiments the living organism for the first time met the conditions of space flight on a large scale.


The first satellite was the first step towards the conquest of space by man. But, for many reasons the second man-made moon was expected to supply more data to solve a number of problems.

Nearly 70 research centers and some 30 radio clubs conducted observations on Sputniks Nos 1 and 2.

The new sputnik was a real cosmic laboratory where automatic instruments registered solar radiation and temperature and pressure in cosmic space. The data transmitted by the instruments were compared with data collected by ground observers. Ground observations were conducted by solar observatories and by many ordinary men, women and even children who wanted to help science.

As the Director of the Smithsonian (2) Astrophysical Observatory (USA) said, the second sputnik was a six times more serious (3) scientific achievement.


(1) Sputnik No. 2 - по-английски номера обозначаются так: No. = №, Nos=№№

(2) Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory - Астрофизическая обсерватория Смитсоновского института. Smithsonian Institution - научно-исследовательская и просветительная американская организация, основанная в 30-х годах прошлого столетия на средства, завещанные для этой цели богатым англичанином, физиком Джемсом Смитсоном.

(3) six times more serious - в шесть раз более значительное

Анализ слов

Не путайте количества слов, выделенных в тексте жирным шрифтом. Этот текст вы могли бы прочесть, лишь изредка обращаясь к словарю так как значение многих новых слов можно понять в контексте. Даже и без контекста ясно значение таких слов, как astrophysical, centrum cosmic, director, experiment, observatory, organism, problem, radiation, satellite, telegram. Бросается в глаза и сходство следующих слов: function функция; number номер; operate оперировать; ordinary ординарный; reason резон; report рапорт; rocket ракета; scale шкала; technician техник; serious серьезный.

Сравните также следующие родственные слова:

condition условие - кондиционный (отвечающий определенным условиям)

dog собака - дог (порода собак)

measure мера - мензурка

transmit передавать - трансмиссия

meet встречаться - митинг

conduct проводить - кондуктор

differ отличаться -дифференциал

Два последних слова также тесно связаны с известными вам словами conductor проводник и different разный.

В сложном глаголе carry out выполнять вы знаете первый компонент: carry нести. Flight полет сравните с to fly летать; слова observe, observer, observation и observatory естественно группируются в одно гнездо; существительное weightlessness распадается на элементы weight + less + ness, которые вам известны. В слове twice дважды виден тот же корень, что и two, twenty, twelve (2,20,12).

Слово space означает пространство, место, расстояние. Напри-мер: time and space время и пространство; a space of 100 miles расстояние в 100 миль; an open space открытое место; the piano takes up too much space роль занимает слишком много места; not enough space between the houses дома стоят слишком тесно; промежутки между ними слишком малы. В современной литературе space стало синонимом словосочетания cosmic space космическое пространство. Отсюда возникли слова spaceship космический корабль и spaceman космонавт, астронавт. Эти слова вы встретите ниже в материале для чтения (Reading).

Наиболее трудными для запоминания словами в этом тексте являются consider, design, expect, far, important, increase, low, quite, recently, short, solve, space, spend, still. Уделите им особое внимание.

А теперь прочтите и переведите устно второй текст. Незнакомые слова ищите в алфавитном словаре. С этого урока вы начинаете постепенно переходить от работы с поурочными списками слов к работе с алфавитным словарем.


The successful ferrying of new supplies to the Salyut-6 space station was another big step forward on the road to a really permanent manned station (2) in space.

Progress-1, the "cargo ship", was, in effect (3), a Soyuz ferry shell without most of the electronic equipment and the life support system (4).

The space so saved was used to put in more supplies and equipment for the station.

This cargo was taken from the ferry by the Salyut crew, Georgi Grechko and Yury Romanenko. When it was empty, they loaded in it all the used up things they accumulated in their long weeks in space.

Progress-1 was then launched and burned by the heat of friction as it dropped into the atmosphere.

The success of Progress-1 means that there is no reason in principle why the Salyut cannot be supplied indefinitely.

And, of course, further development can lead to the construction of automatic cargo vessels which can return to Earth and be used for many journeys.

The cargo carried up to Salyut-6 included fuel and equipment and supplies for the crew members and for new research programs.


(1) space ferry - "космический паром", грузовой космический корабль

(2) manned station - станция с людьми на борту; пилотируемая станция

(3) in effect - зд. по существу

(4) life support system - система жизнеобеспечения

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