Урок 22. Контрольная работа.

Контрольная работа

I. Определите форму инфинитива в предложении из текста:

Не seems to have been a good man of business.

Почему употреблена эта форма?

II. Найдите слова-заместители: а) в третьем предложении первого абзаца; б) в последнем предложении того же абзаца; в) в предложении, начинающимся словами We cannot compare his knowledge ... Определите, какие именно слова они замещают, и переведите предложения.

III. Переведите предложения из текста:

Few letters were written and less were kept. During this period as little is known of him as of Cromwell during the same period; as little, but no less.

IV. Определите форму инфинитива; укажите каким членом предложения является инфинитив, и переведите предложения:

1. I shall be happy to see you again. 2. We knew him to be a good husband. 3. We wanted to know her daughter's age. 4. Her son was the first to develop this entirely new idea. 5. He appear to have received a very good education. 6. This leather coat seems to be very heavy. 7. That is not the way to cut bread. 8. We knew the corn to be quite dry. 9. That is all you need to know. 10. He seems to have read a great deal of classic writers. 11. The book seems to consist of short stories. 12. There was no time to lose. No time seems to have been lost. 14. We know Shakespeare's father to have been a dealer in meat, corn and leather. 15 His name is to be included in Who Is Who. 16. These things are to be left at home. 17. We believed him to be married. 18. To look at him makes you laugh. 19 The child seems to have been learning a few words every day. 20. Have you any magazines to give me? 21. The mother wanted her son to marry. 22. To discuss the details now means to lose time. 23. Your daughter is old enough to understand this. 24. He seems to be working later than usual. 25. We study the text to learn more about Shakespeare. 26. The plan appears to have been accepted. 27. Не might be late. 28. You needn't have accepted the invitation.

V. Переведите слова:

besides, daughter, mother, business, roof, leave, wide, husband, town, son, thoroughly, to be born, early, village, late, wool, cut, happy, develop, certain, date, marry, marriage, window, consist, entirely, magazine, difficulty, native, corn meat, probably, school, street, leather, mind (n), to mind

VI. Назовите английские слова, имеющие значение:

мать, дочь, сын, муж, развивать, крыша, окно, деревня, поздно, рано, образование, оставлять, мясо, улица, счастливы, журнал, школа, город, резать

Проверить по ключу


1) Перечитайте и переведите тексты уроков 9, 10 и 17 и сделайте устно последние два задания контрольной работы к этим урокам.

2) Повторите все, что вы учили о причастиях и герундии в уроках 10, 13,19 и 21.

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