Урок 22. Упражнения.


1. Определите форму инфинитива (группу, залог) во всех примерах на в разделе Грамматика.

2. Составьте таблицу форм инфинитива глаголов to leave и to develop.

3. Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на слова-заместители:

My son goes to this school and so do his friends. I bought a green leather bag and two small red ones for my daughters. I do not remember the name of the street but my husband probably does. We brought them two English magazines and three French ones. It is strange that he speaks less about this business than other people do. She dances as well as her mother did when she was her age. Shakespeare was born at Statford and so were his children. We know as much about Shakespeare's early as we do about those of Cromwell.

4. Переведите:

I have few friends. We have a few friends in that city. We can do it now, we still have a little time. She says she has little time for reading, but she reads a few books every month. She knows him a little. We know very little about him, we only saw him for a few minutes.

5. Расставьте на место слова, данные в алфавитном порядке, и устно переведите предложения:

consists, corn, father, to many, school, son, strange, street, thoroughly, wool

The crop of... has increased. I'll also send my ... to this .... The edition... of twenty-five volumes. Shakespeare's ... dealt in meat and leather. Children must not play in the .... He is too young.... This is a very... idea. The dress seems to be made of.... His mind is... developed.

6. Данные ниже слова распределите на четыре группы:

1) семья; 2) город (напр., улица, фабрика); 3) материалы и продукты; 4) культурная жизнь (напр., книга, учиться, наука)

son, factory, tower, husband, magazine, coal, street, dictionary, pen, roof, to teach, meat, wife, smoke, encyclopaedia, daughter, the Underground, poem,

child, bridge, newspaper, baby, school, research, writer, story, corn, picture science, brother, house, to study, station, test, car, father, building, story, library, wool, town, sister, works, playwright, pitch, city, pencil, park, book, notebook, oil, gas, glass, gold, mother, to read, lesson, rubber, leather, to many, marriage, academy, college, paper, fuel, education

7. Ответьте на следующие вопросы по-английски, формулировки берите из текста:

1. When was William Shakespeare most probably born? 2. What do we know about his early years? 3. Who was his mother? 4. Did Shakespeare's father and his wife live in a large house? 5. To what school did Shakespeare go? 6. How old was he when he left school? 7. What was the reason that he did not go to school again? 8. How many children have Shakespeare when he left his native town? 9. Have you any of Shakespeare's plays in your native language? 10. Do you want to read them in English?

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