Урок 24. Упражнения.


1. Переведите на русский язык:

The Califomian miners would let their hair and beards grow long. Would you protect us. I would not repeat this story, it is not true. It would be better for you to set out immediately. He said that their farm would soon have more sheep, cows and pigs. I would like to buy boots and knife. The sailor's English is perfect, one would think he was born in England. I would not hurry to send the report, we have not made enough tests. Would you like to wear this hat?

2. Пользуясь общим англо-русским словарем переведите предложения с многозначным глаголом:

Set the pan on the table. My wife knows how to set the table. We must set the bird free. He sets a bad example to his younger brother. The sun sets at 8.10. I never set eyes on this picture. The soldier has set heart on this plan.

3. Переведите предложения устно:

Don't agree until I tell you. If the river rises much higher, we shall not be able to cross it. I won't go any further until I see the green light. When you see the red light, stop your car. I shall finish the experiment tomorrow if all goes well. Write a report as soon as new facts are discovered. I shall not wear a white shirt unless the weather is fine.

4. Ответьте письменно на вопросы по-английски, формулировки берите из текста:

1. When was gold discovered in California? 2. Why were the first gold-miners called "Forty-Niners"? 3. What did Sutter own? 4. How did the miners dress? 5. How did they mine gold? 6. Was their work easy? 7. When did the Mexican War end? 8. Why did some farmers leave their crops standing in the fields? 9. How much gold did some miners did in a day?

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