Урок 20. Упражнения.


1. Проспрягайте устно глаголы to consider и to observe в Present Perfect Continuous, а глагол to meet - в Past Perfect Continuous.

2. Расставьте вместо точек слова данные ниже по алфавиту, и переведите предложения устно:

conditions, far, increase, low, to meet, number, solve, spend, still

How much did you ... on the experiment? Tell us the ... of the test. We must ... the problem. I am going to the station ... my father. Do you ... live there? What is the ... of your house? The door is too ...; we must bend. We must... the number of test flight. How... is your house from the center of the city?

3. Распределите на 8 пар антонимов:

far, short, low, recently, large, transmit, ordinary, last, near, small, high, long, special, first, long ago, receive

4. Глаголы в скобках поставьте в Present Perfect Continuous, переведите предложения на русский язык, а потом обратно на английский:

We (to consider) your design. The number of books sold (to increase) lately. We (to expect) you. So far they (to do) nothing to help me. I (to think) about it all the time. We (to receive) no letters from home. The girl (to meet) him on her way home every day.

5. Переведите:

The dog is thought to be man's best friend. These flights are considered to give important data. They are expected to compare their reports. These measures are thought to be more exact. He did not seem to be afraid. Too much radiation is know to be dangerous.

6. Новые для вас слова второго текста ("Space Ferry") перепишите по алфавиту с переводом и обозначением частей речи. Подумайте над словом ferry.

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