Урок 5. Текст.


Прочтите и переведите текст с помощью данного словаря.

The docks

The mouth of the river Tames is very wide, and large ships go up it from the sea to London. Near the river we see special places, which we call the docks. All kinds of ships, large and small, go into these docks. Many workers work in these docks. They are dockers. At the side of each dock you see railway lines.

Ocean ships from all parts of the world come to London. They can go up the Tames to London Bridge. When you look at the plan of London you can see two docks at the right-hand side of the map. One of them is small. The other is big. At the end of each dock we can see a big gate. When a ship comes, the workers must open the gate for the ship. They open the gate and the ship goes into dock.


You can go to London by sea or by air (1). It takes only two or three hours (2) to fly to England from almost any part of Europe. Or you may go by ship to Dover ['douvə] and from there by railway to any place in England which you want to see.


You can read the text. You must read it well. Translate it you can translate it well. Write the English words almost, each, only, when. Translate them. Tell me the Russian words which mean come, go, world, ship. Translate this part of the text. You may take my book. Find the Atlantic Ocean on the map. Find the other oceans. This note is for you. These books are for our friend. They can find almost any city on this map. Find this small river. I can see many large ships on the river. I must find my bag and put this English book into it. You may go. You may tell this to the other workers. You can or go by railway. I want to go by railway.


(1) Предлог by выражает отношение, соответствующее творительному падежу. К этому предлогу мы вернемся в уроке 13. Пока заметьте выражения by sea морем, by ship пароходом, by air самолетом (буквально: воздухом).

(2) It takes (us, me, them) only two or there hours. (Нам, мне, им) нужно только два или три часа. Ср.: На дорогу (у нас, у меня, у них) уходит 2-3 часа.

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