Урок 16. Упражнения.


1. Составьте таблицу глагола to supply в Present Perfect Active Voice и глагола to asks Present Perfect Passive Voice в утвердительной, вопросительной и отрицательной формах.

2. Проспрягайте устно глагол to say в Present Perfect Active Voice, a глагол to find в Present Perfect Passive Voice. (Оба глагола нестандартные.)

3. Перепишите предложения, раскрыв скобки и поставив глагол в Present Perfect Active Voice. Переведите.

Образец выполнения: They (to build) a simple boiler. They have built a simple boiler. Они построили простой котел.

We (to buy) enough coal and oil. Not much heat (to escape). He (never to work) at a factory. He (To boil) the water. Several centuries (to pass) since then. This method (to become) popular. We (to receive) no iron or glass. The sun (to dry) these fruits and vegetables. They (to find) several new kinds of fuel. The temperature (to rise). The temperature (to be) below zero all day.

4. Перепишите и переведите предложения, раскрыв скобки и поста-вив глаголы в Present Perfect Passive Voice:

Образец выполнения: Enough fuel (to supply). Enough fuel has been supplied. Доставлено достаточно горючего.

Steam power (to use). The box (to cover) with heat-insulating material. Light (to transform) into heat. Several sheets of iron (to buy). Not enough water (to boil)- These trees (to find) at 2,000 feet above sea level.

5. Переведите письменно предложения на русский язык, потом переведите их снова на английский язык и сверьте с оригиналом:

I have seen the new boiler. We have used boiled water. This method has been know for several centuries. Have got any wood or coal? Have they escaped? How much rubber has been supplied? Has the new treatment helped you? He has not yet come.

6. Распределите на 9 пар антонимов:

possible, answer, above, heat, steam, light, pull, top, dark, bottom, impossible, roll, below, question, ice, cold, empty, push

7. Распределяйте на 8 пар близких по значению слов:

power, change, quickly, home, escape, energy, rapidly, house, hot, small, large, transform, run, away, warm, little, big

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