Урок 19. Упражнения.


1. В следующих предложениях найдите инфинитив или причастие в функции дополнения и переведите предложения:

Не made us laugh. We saw him kill the pig. We heard dark fire the gum They could feel the ground shake. We do not remember the teacher asking us this question. He wants us to sit on the grass. Although we could not hear him speak we saw him pointing to the sky. We saw a huge black cloud coming from the north-east. We thought the animal to be sleeping quietly, but we soon saw his huge head turn.

2. Переведите письменно на русский Язык, а потом обратно на английский:

Give me either a newspaper or a book. We shall speak either English or French. Either you or your friend will translate the story into Russian. I remember neither his name nor his face. I saw neither of the pictures. He has neither close friends nor enemies. I am neither angry nor afraid.

3. Напишите во всех лицах предложения I did it myself и I threw myself on the ground.

4. Вставьте подходящее по смыслу возвратное (усилительное) местоимение :

She ... paid for this dress. I Bought a coat for ... and some things for my children; they are too small to buy things for .... They escaped in order to save .... The story... is good, but not the translation. Children, you must do it.... Take the gun from the child, he may kill.... "Do you need me?" he asked pointing to ... .

5. Распределите на 9 пар синонимов:

between, huge, close, straight, before, great, among, near, photographs, though, dead, directly, in front (of), rapidly, picture, lifeless, quickly, although

6. Распределите на 10 пар антонимов:

rise, save, thin, left, huge, slow, kill, fall, stop, right, noise, thick, small, continue, rapid, quiet bottom, wide, top, narrow

7. Повторите в уроке 2 раздел о множественное числе существительных и напишите во множественном числе следующие существительные, проверив попутно, помните ли вы их значения:

horn, train, noise, object, oil, throat, bean, way, boy, fly, enemy, body, sky, party, class, cross, fish, glass, lens, mass, press, process, science, pig

8. Из новых слов урока выберите подходящие по смыслу слова, расставьте их вместо пропусков и переведите текст:

The rhino ... among the ... when the photographers saw him. He had a... noise; his body was ..., his horn was ...; his eyes were ... and ... . His... was very weak, he could not see his... well. In ... to take his picture the photographers had to come close to him. They were in ... therefore one of them always... in the air, but he never ... the animal. One cannot take pictures of such animals ... one has a great deal of courage.

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