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A major effort by Russian philologists has been completed with the publication of the county's biggest dictionary of modem Russian in 17 volumes. The completed work contains a lot of words - nearly 120,500 of them - used in literature from the time of Pushkin to 20th-century writers.


The Encyclopedia of Chemistry, a modern, one-volume reference work centered on the subject of chemistry but including more than twenty different sciences that border on the main subject, has been published by the Reinhold publishing Corporation. Written by more than 500 authors, the volume consists of about 850 articles ranging in legit from 300 to 4,000 words each, covering a broad range of subjects of chemical importance. Topics include atomic power, automatic control, electron tubes, radioactivity, new elements, plastics, antibiotics, amino acids, allergy, air pollution (загрязнение воздуха), safety, and hundreds of others.

From The New York Times


Pages from Anna Karenina, War and Peace and Resurrection ("Воскресение") in Tolstoy's own hand were shown at a Tolstoy exhibition in the British Museum.

Russia also sent personal belongings of the great writer, letters, photographs, sculptures, rare editions of his works, illustrations to them - nearly 300 items in all, mostly from the museum on Tolstoy's estate, Yasnaya Polyana, near Tula. They also included a bronze death-mask, a cast go his hand, his personal seal and a photograph given him by Thomas Edison.

Other items in the exhibition showed Tolstoy's interest in the British people and their culture. He had a lifelong () love of Dickens.

There were letters and documents connected with visit to London in 1861, also from Yasnaya Polyana.


Knowledge, too, is itself a power.
Francis Bacon (England, 1561-1626)

To be conscious (сознавать) that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.
Benjamin Disraeli (England, 1804-1881)

Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where We can find information upon it.
Samuel Johnson (England, 1709-1784)

Our knowledge is the 0 thought and experience of innumerable (бесчисленный) minds.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (USA, 1803-1882)

Training is everything. Cauliflower is nothing but (1) cabbage with a college education.
Mark Twain (USA, 1835-1910)


DINER: Waiter, I want chicken - and younger the better.

WAITER: In that case (в таком случае), sir, order eggs.

Right and Wrong

"Raise your hand", the judge said to a woman preparing to testify (давать показания).

The woman quickly raised her left hand.

"You'll have to raise your right hand", said the judge.

"This is my right hand", she answered. "I'm left-handed (левша)".

Her Age

"What is your age?" asked the judge. "Remember you are under oath". "Twenty-one years and some months", the lady answered. "How many months?" the judge persisted (настаивал). "One hundred and eight".


(1) nothing but -не что иное, как

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