Урок 17. Доп. материал.

Дополнительный материал для устной речи


I want a room with a bath. [ba:θ] Мне нужна комната с ванной.
Single or double? ['siŋgl] ['dʌbl] На одного или на двоих?
I want a double room on the first floor. [flɔ:] Мне нужна комната на двоих на втором этаже.
How long do you expect [iks'pekt] to stay? [stei] На сколько времени вы намерены остановиться?
Will this room do? Эта комната подойдет?
How much does it cost a day? Сколько она стоит в сутки?
How much is it a day?
May I have the key, please? [ki:] Можно получить ключ?
Where is the restaurant, please? ['restrɔŋ] Где ресторан?
It's on the ground floor. ['flɔ:] На первом этаже.
Where is the ladie's room? ['leidiz 'rum] Где дамская комната?
I want to reseve a room. [ri'zə:v] Я хочу заказать комнату.
I want to have my suit pressed. [sju:t] [prest] Мне нужно отдать в утюжку костюм.
I want my blouse cleaned, [blauz] Я хочу отдать блузку в химчистку.
Two tickets for Glasgow ['tikits] ['gla:sgou], please, first class. Прошу вас, два билета до Глазго, первый класс.
When does the train leave? [trein] [li:v] Когда отходит поезд?
When does the train arrive there? ['əraiv] Когда поезд приходит туда?
Where can I get a time-table? ['taimteibl] Где можно получить расписание?
Porter, take my luggage, please. ['lʌgiʤ] Носильщик, возьмите, пожалуйста, мой багаж.
Which us your carriage? Который ваш вагон?
Carriage six, seats seven and eight. [si:ts] Вагон 6, места 7 и 8.

Time to Pick Tomatoes

A pair of researchers have put radioactivity to work (1) in their study of tomatoes.

Two American scientists recently conducted tests to determine the ideal time to pick (срывать, собирать) tomatoes.

A tomato is ripe, plant sugar has stopped moving into the fruit. The experiments could determine though their tests just when this movement stopped. The men coated leaves of the plants with a substance made of sugar and radioactive carbon (углерод). The radioactivity of the carbon made it possible for the researchers to trace (проследить) sugar movement though the leaf, into the plant and into the fruit.

They discovered that a tomato is at its peak of ripeness and makes the best eating (2) "about six days after the first appearance of color". Tomatoes must be picked then, the men said.

Darwin and His Young Friends

Two English boys, friends of Darwin, thought one day that they would play a joke on the great naturalist. They caught a butterfly (бабочка), a grasshopper (кузнечик), a beetle (жук) and a centipede (сороконожка) and out of these four insects they made a new bug (насекомое). They took the centipede's body, the butterfly's wings, the grasshoppers' legs and the beetle's head, and glued (склеили) them all together. Then with their new insect in a box they came to Darwin's door.

"We caught this bug in a field", they said, opening the box they had brought. "Can you tell us what it is. Sir?"

Darwin looked at the bug and then at the boys. He smiled a little and asked, "Did it hum (жужжать) when you caught it?"

"Yes", they answered, nudging one another. (3)

"Well then", said Darwin "it is a humbug". (4)


A Centipede was happy quite
Until a Frog (лягушка) in fun (5)
Said, "Please, which leg comes after which?"
This raised her mind to such a pitch (6)
She lay distressed in a ditch (канава)
Considering how to run.


A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Two heads are better than one.
Two eyes see more than one.
A little more than enough breaks the house's back.
If the blind leads the blind both shall fall into the ditch.


He that (тот, кто) travels far knows much.
John Clarke (England - USA, 1609-1676)

Travelling is one way of lengthening life.
Benjamin Franklin (USA, 1706-1790)

If an ass goes travelling, he will not come home a horse.
Thomas Fuller (England, 1608-1661)


Wife, at dinner table, to angry husband: "Monday you liked beans, Tuesday you liked beans, Wednesday you liked beans. Now all of a sudden (внезапно ни с того ни с сего) on Thursday you don't like beans!"


A lady car-driver came down the wrong side of a narrow street and ran into (врезалась) her neighbor's new car. The lady said grudgingly (неохотно):

"I'm afraid this was my fault".

"Nonsense (вздор)", said the gentleman with a bow (поклон). "I am sure that the fault is mine. I saw you fully three blocks away (7) and had enough ti-me to turn into a side street".


(1) put to work - применили ("заставили работать")

(2) makes the best eating - всего вкуснее

(3) nudging one another - подталкивая друг друга локтем

(4) humbug - надувательство, вздор. Заметьте игру слов humbug и hum + bug.

(5) in fun - в шутку

(6) raised her mind to such pitch - подняло ее мысли на такую высоту, так ее взволновало

(7) fully three blocks away - за целых три

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